The Choice of Living in Barcelona

Have to say, among all the cities I’ve been visiting and living in the past 13 years, Barcelona keeps remaining my favorite one! Despite on all the big changes, both positive and negative, that has happened to her (beautiful, sexy female Barna) during the years, I still feel so attached to this city that toke me and welcomed me like I was born there. I keep coming and going from it, like I said…I have to move! I have to go, to depart! and sometime for months, up to 7 last year when I lived in Thailand…. but then, I start to miss her, and I get the call…time to go back home! Yeah, home! Cause I´m from Italy, but I don´t feel Italian, I´m a world citizen and if I could chose deeper, I´m a Barcelona resident. That´s where my hearth truly belongs. But why did she make me fell in love so much? Actually, why everyone fell in love with her so much? I´ve never heard of anyone saying “I don’t like it”…. all the visitors end up thinking and hoping they could live here! Well think about one city that is super cosmopolitan (in fact you could easily work and live in Barna without speaking any Spanish… even dough, you want to learn it to enjoy it at the fullest!), people are arriving from everywhere in the world, it`s a melting pot of cultures and stories, and not just tourists, but people that come to stay! So this brings languages, new food to experiment (every street you walk offers a big quantity of different ingredients and dishes), different fashion style, bizarre and never too elegant, Barcelonians likes being bohemians, original, colorful! You can smell the districts in all their colors and tastes and all of that is an invitation to walk around `las calles´and discover every little corner of her, again and again, even after you´ve been living there for years!

Apart of all of it…. you want to add the fact that Barcelona is one of the few city in the world that has a beach and the Mediterranean sea! Together with beautiful weather all year around: sunshine is ruling on the city and it doesn’t matter the season, the sun will always shine! Even dough you can´t really swim or sunbathe during the winter months…. people are still going for strolls along the promenade, to chill, chatting or simply walking.

So you combine good weather, good food, possibility of living a city-beach life while meeting always new interesting people… I´m very sure I tickle your curiosity and you will consider on paying a visit soon! and please do, you won`t regret it! I will be writing more and more about her, with more practical tips and suggestion in case someone will want to come, and never leave!

So stay tuned! and meet me here again soon! Hasta la vista amigos!

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