Hello people and Hola gente!

My name is Jada and I just decided I should start sharing  knowledge about my traveling and my beautiful city to anyone, who like me, cannot live happily without thinking on the next place to go...

I've been a backpacker traveler since I turned to adult age, and I not just traveled ....I also lived and worked in many different countries, until I choose my favorite city to be my actual base: Barcelona!

Even after this right choice I toke 8 years ago, I still pack my bag and leave to explore new countries and try to live in those for few months, or simply just travel...get to know new places, new people, new food... That is how  you can open your mind to a 360 view, by experiencing on your skin the way of living of other cultures as if you were part of their community.

No barriers, no limits! This is my howl, never stop wondering which one will be your next destination and offer the great experience of traveling to the joy of living.

I´m ready to share information, tips and knowledge about the countries I visited, all the facts I learned about them and also talk about the stunning city I live in, Barcelona!